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What is the sending currency to convert?


What is the receiving currency to convert?

What is USD Today?

Sending Currency

1.00 USD

Receiving Currency

52.21 PHP

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When does the USD update?

The USD updates in the United States before 6am Eastern Standard Time. The morning mid market rate is purchased by providers who adjust their offered exchange rate for your transactions.

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Find out what real people are saying and compare companies before you transfer money from USD.

Why do we convert USD?

We convert USD from the mid market exchange rate to provide you with live currency conversions. We know international payments and money transfer are done with live exchange rates. Our tools will help educate and better your decisions before you convert USD.

How to Convert USD?

Step 1

Select the sending currency to convert. Displayed is the international currency code USD.

Step 2

Select the receiving currency to convert. Displayed is the international currency code.

Step 3

Select the amount of money you need to transfer. Select how you want to send the money. Decide if the exchange rate is satisfactory for your transaction.

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We rank money transfers.

More Tools for Live USD Currency Conversions

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Find which regions support live USD currency conversions.

What is a USD currency converter?

A USD currency converter is a tool that is designed to convert the currency USD into another currency in order to check its corresponding value. The code to convert the currency pair is apart of our website and it is based on current mid market exchange rates.